Put Your Remodeling Project On The Right Track with - Virtual Design Package.


Our Virtual Design package will help you to achieve the results you are looking for with your renovation process. If you want a space that looks amazing but the options seem overwhelming or if you feel the lack of knowledge and resources to make all the right choices. This is where you need to start your project! Let our professional design team help you navigate through the planning phase of your project and make sure you love the vision you see before you start creating it.

How It Works


Define Your Style

We have a video call to get to know your project details. We’ll work with you to define the look you want by sharing inspiration photos and exchanging notes. Think of this as a chance to toss ideas around before you start taking down walls.


Material Selections

Within a week, your material boards will be ready. We’ll share our selections during a video or phone call to get your feedback, and any changes you’d like to make.

Plan of Action

Now that you know what you want everything to look like, it’s time to form a plan of action. We’ll work with you to form a work list, advise on permit requirements and will guide you through the process.

Stay Organized

You’ll receive worksheets and checklists to help focus your project and make sure you’ve got everything you need.


It’s finally time for you go shopping! You’ll have your material boards to help you along the way. We also give you a list of trusted retail sources where you can go and shop.

Ongoing Support

You can reach out to us throughout your project to answer questions along the way. Ask us anything from “which of these two tiles should we buy?” or “my contractor says I need new windows, is that really necessary?” We’ll be on call to weigh in.

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Virtual Design Package Include:

* Our in person meetings are taking place in King County WA, but our virtual service is offered throughout U.S.

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